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Salvia bad experience

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13th Mar 2012

a few weeks ago me and a some mates were told about some legal highs online, the friend surrgested them as they were harmless. the prices were cheap for the amount we would recieve , we decide to try some of them, we bought them and had them delivered, when they arrived we opened the letter there was a sashay of SALVIA Thats when it went down hill, we rolled it into a joint as if it was weed and passed it around untill it was gone. about 10 mins later we all were starting to feel a buzz and become chatty. and thats all i rember of that night. i woke up in hosptial the next day with a boken wrist and a craked skull with very worried parents. it turns out that i fell from a tree whilst what my friends described as me hallucinating, it turns out just because 1 of your friends takes a drug and they fine , it doesnt mean you will be ... be smart don't take drugs like i did

Tags: legal highs experiences SIDE EFFECTS
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