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needed to stop

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24th Mar 2012

my names john and im 15 , i recently stopped smoking weed even though it was a hard task. I had smoked cannabis since i was 12. When i hit 14 i started using the drug alot more at first i smoked 1-4 joints a week after that i started smoking more than that each day. i started to feel very paranoid around people even people i knew and trusted i knew i needed to stop because i wanted to join the army. i loved every bit of being stoned except from feeling paranoid , i never once whitied but my use of the drug was being very bad i would try and use every exscuse to get money for it and when i couldnt i would sit in a mood all night i eventually stopped because i was caught by parents and there was no way of getting money. i dont know how any cannabis user can say it is not addictive because it is!

Tags: cannabis Cutting Down
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