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My friends problem

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18th Oct 2011

Once upon a time me and a friend started smoking weed. It was good, we enjoyed it without a doubt, so we continued over the next year. Come September time me and him both failed our AS-Levels, I blame the weed. We were given the chance to resit the year, so we did, difference was I was off the weed and my friend stayed on it. Another year passed, I'd stayed clean, but my friend had gone from smoking weed on weekends to smoking every night. There would be parties, I'd go and just have a drink and a laugh, but my friend would be smoking and occasionally took Ecstasy. September came again, I'd passed my AS's this time, and my friend had only just scrapped the lowest pass possible in two subjects and was forced to drop the third. The third and final year of Sixth form started, and my friend got worse and worse. He'd lost his girlfriend, he'd started taking opiate pills every weekend whilst smoking still during the week, he'd lost his appetite and a lot of weight and his sleeping pattern was trashed. He was missing more and more lessons because he was sleeping through them. We both applied to University and it was really exciting, we were supposed to be going to the same University too. It was going to be hard for him as he was only doing two A-levels, but he only needed a C in one to get in. Which meant if he tried he'd be in. September rolled around again, and can you guess what happened? He now does nothing with his time apart from opiates and weed. Weed may not be considered a drug to many, but I've seen it destroy my friend's life.

Tags: cannabis worried about someone
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