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Mkat.. the Highs and Lows..

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22nd Oct 2011

Hi guys my names josh from bradford.. Im 18 years old and a up and coming dj. I i was 15 when i 1st experimenting with hard drugs. i started djing in a pub and alot of people we always on about cocaine. so i bought a bag to see what all the fuss was about.. yeah nice buzz did'nt last too long so i bought some more.. then i started experementing with speed aka wizz.. to this day its was one of the bests buzzes i ever had... but the come down was horrible, I was awake to 3-4 days then might as well been a chocolate fire guard for the rest of the week because i was so tired and depressed. then i got introduced to mkat. since the press was giving it so much of a bad rep i did'nt want to take it but as i was djing in a nightclub with older lads/men i gave into peer pressure and tried it. it enhanced my hearing and my mixing was perfect i was confident and it lasted alot longer than coke. so i got into that. recently me and the lads have been running a friday club with entails of bringing beer and drugs and we party untill end of the weekend. I always seem to be the last one standing due to the rest of the lads passing out drunk and drugged. so since im wired and my jaw is swingling like a cash register i polished another 2 grams... the rest was just a blur!

Woke up the next morning feeling pretty good only had 4 hours sleep so it was still in my system and my heart was racing but i felt ok. so i went to work as the day went on i could feel my self becoming depressed and upset thinking i had no one! so i got sent home saying i was poorly and i went back to bed i woke up at around 8pm and got showered and changed as i was supposed to be djing at 11! but then a huge feeling of depression came over me and i went upstair and put the music on full blast because i was scared to be alone and the music carmed me down. for the next few days i suffered from memory loss, panic attacks, depression, nightmares that seem almost real.

Aall im saying guys if you wan't to take it take it at your own risk its a powerful drug. i still take it now because it helps me dj (as daft as it sounds) but my advise is take it in small doses and don't over do it oh and stay away from Ket. i got spoked on my 18th birthday on it... it knocked me out after 5 mins of having not even half a line and im a 18 stone lad! keep safe and make sure you have your friends who care about you around just incase something does go wrong! much love guys and girls x

Tags: m-cat Speed effects peer pressure
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