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mephedrone bad experience

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19th Oct 2011

A few months ago i tried Meow (mephedrone) after my friend who had been doing it for a year had told me how amazing it was! And at first it was amazing, the feeling of being 'Buzzing' was indescribable, everything was just timed by 10. Your love for people grew, and the possibility to do something grew too. I ended up jumping in a freezing cold lake, which instantly gave me a panic attack, as my heart was already beating fast because of the meow, but the coldness put me into a shock. But despite that, i still did 4 more lines because i felt i needed it to make me feel better after what had just happened.

After getting home after 10 hours of doing the stuff, i started to get the comedown. It's unbearable. You know you want to do something but you feel as if you don't have the energy. I ended up standing in the shower, freezing cold for 3 hours because i just couldn't move, and i still had the taste of the drip ( The meow down the back of your throat) in my mouth so i was still experiencing the effects of it. After 3 hours i finally made myself to go to bed, but even this did nothing, i just lay there motionless till 7 in the morning when i had to get up and go to School. All i can say about mephedrone, is that it's crazy. It messes with you and makes you feel limitless, but afterwards you feel to confused and can't do anything, the buzz isn't worth the comedown.

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