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MDMA has taken over my life

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12th Oct 2011

My friends and I take MDMA regularly. The first time I tried it, it felt like magic. I was in a completely different world, loving everyone and everything around me. I was fascinated by some water and kept staring at it for ages. My legs and toes were tingling and moving about felt good. I remember going through a packet of chewing gum while I was gurning to prevent wearing my teeth down. I loved this feeling so I carried on taking it. Now nearly a year down the line I have a psychological addiction to it.

I am mainly writing this to warn anyone who has not tried it. Yes, it is a good feeling but now when I’m not on it I am depressed. If I don’t take it for more than a week, I start crying for no apparent reason and I throw up because of the withdrawal. All my friends and family have noticed a change in my personality. I cannot remember the last time I was truly happy. I want to give up but the temptation is always there. By taking this drug I am just escaping reality. I go to bed at night and think about it. I wake up and count how much money I have. If I can afford it, I will buy some, if I cannot afford it I will by a cheaper substitute to keep me going. Finally, I can admit I have a problem, but a voice in my head says ‘I’m only young it doesn’t matter what I do now, I’m just having fun.’ My paranoia has destroyed me. I constantly think people are talking about me, many of my friends want nothing to do with me because they think that I only care about my drugs. I know what the feeling of MDMA is like, I find it almost impossible to resist because it makes me feel that good.

So I am telling anyone who hasn’t tried it yet. Don’t. It’s not worth it because it takes over your life. If you have tried it, either stop completely or only take it on occasion. You may think you are fine now but one day your looks will go, your friends will go and your money will go.

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