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A life of drugs landed me in a psychiatric unit

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12th Oct 2011

My name is Pete. I started smoking cannabis when I was 12 years old. People told me it was a ‘gateway’ drug and the truth is, any drug in the world can be a gateway drug. Soon enough at 13, MDMA and speed were on the agenda. All my mates were older than me and I just carried on as where I was brought up, it was just the culture and lifestyle that surrounded me. Up until the age of 15, I was very much a social drug user. From 15, I ended up getting severely depressed. I didn’t care anymore or have too many morals. I tried almost every drug known to the illicit drug world; even those legal drugs like salvia, MCATs and MDPV. I would probably have been ok if I had just tried them. I continued to abuse all of them heavily and continued to get more and more depressed. Today, it’s easier to tell someone the drugs that I haven’t done in my lifetime. One of the drugs that seriously ruined my life was LSD. It made me realise that there was a better world than the reality we live in, so I always asked the question, ‘why live in reality when I can live in the parallel LSD trip world’ and which I always answered with a quick and easy solution- to live in the LSD world. At about late 16 to 17, I had no morals and was permanently in self destruct mode. I was the definition of a drug addict. I sold drugs- drugs were me and I was drugs. Heroin and crack took a hold of me and I won’t lie, they were great; however, an extremely short term solution to all of my problems. I saw the problems they brought up with me very quickly indeed. I died a few times and got resuscitated, usually from MDPV and heroin used in combination. Funny how it was the legal drugs that played a significant role in killing me. Valium then took a hold of me. I became angry, psychotic, depressed- not Pete- that was for sure. I became a harm to myself and the general public and got sectioned into a psychiatric unit. All I knew was drugs and now I’ve recently been released back into the world, reality is a very new concept to me. The main message I want to tell you is this... The problem with drug abuse is that it’s all a hidden danger and before you know it, you’ll end up in a place you never saw coming.

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