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19th Oct 2011

I just want everyone to know that you shouldn't believe all the propaganda that the governement come up with about Cannibis, I'm 16 now, i've been smoking cannibis since i was about 13, it has not affected me in anyway, i've never had a bad experience with it. I smoke it pretty much every weekend, sometimes during the week, the only thing that it's done to me is made me put on a few pounds by eating too much! I'm in a good education, I'm not failing any of my subjects and I have many friends who have been smoking for the same amount of time, in some cases longer, and they to are not affected in the ways you may hear in the other stories you read on here... My friends accept that i smoke it and in most cases smoke it with me, i've never lost friends over it, it's never damaged my relationship with my family in any way either! I'm not saying "way hey its all good lets all smoke weed!" but i just dont think people should be lead to believe everything they read in the papers or things they hear on TV and the radio. I dont know if this will actually be put up on the site being "pro-weed" but yeah i hope people get to read it and understand.

Tags: cannabis experiences
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