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17th Oct 2011

Drugs are consuming me and my friends lives, a month ago i landed myself in hospital for overdosing on Diablo pills (don't take them they are utterly boring, don't give you a good high and CAN kill you very quickly and easily if you dont take the right dosage) i took 3 times the recommended amout and find myself in a pickle with my parents, counsilors and my friends. I've taken drugs for about 2 years now, first it was dibble dabbling you know, trying out new things. I scraped through my GCSE's and got into the college i wanted, but summer screwed up my life more than i could ever imagine. Drugs became a daily need of sanity.

During the summer my friend gaves us her house keys while her, and her family went on holiday for 6 weeks. Obviously her family didn't know. We took drugs day in, day out, drinking the alcohol from the house on the days when we couldnt afford drugs. The main drug we took while there where these pills called 'super 8 balls' boy where they good! They are old school pills, and are definatley worth what i paid. The family got back from there holiday and found out about us living there. The police got involved and charges where made on several of us. It is horrible.

My friends are the same as me, we are stuck in a loophole of powders, liquids and anything that sounds exciting. One of my friends is addicted to Ket, hes taken K everyday for over a year, along with accurances of Base, MXE and the occasinal MDMA.. Another one of my friends is similar to me. She ended up in hospital after her and a 2 other's had had a weeks binge of 20g's of MDMA, over 100 vallum pills, 10g's of K, and various other substances. Lucky to be alive I say.

The thing is we are only 16-19 and i know we are destroying our lives. College life is a shambles, my attendance is 48% and alot of my friends attendances are as low as 12%. Voices are screaming at me 'SORT IT OUT, DO SOMETHING!', but as many of you drug users no, it's really not easy. I'm sat here, not knowing where or what i'll be doing tomorrow. I'm turning into a waste, so i'm going to tell all you people who think its cool and funny reading through all these stories, to take it seriously, before you screw up like me, and my group of friends, life is beautiful and the way people like us abuse it is disgusting. I hate myself for it. It's something that noone can understand unless you really have been to hell and back. One day this support system keeping me going isn't going to be there and i'll be in the doorway with nothing left. Tomorrow, the 17th of October 2011, my life begins again. My friends and I are giving up all drugs but Cannabis. Going to college, and getting the help we need. I am proud to be me for the first time in my life!

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