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Here you can say what you want, without having to say who you are. Whatever experiences you've had with drugs, it can help to get something off your chest. And you might end up helping someone else. Please read FRANK's disclaimer.

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Drugs will ruin your life eventually

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01st Jan 2012

My life for the past four years has been one long cycle of pain, fear, isolation and dread. As I am 17 and addicted to heroin, I feel as though I have nothing left in my life and nothing to live for. And it really didn't need to be this way. When I was 13 I started sniffing aerosols and glue from time to time, simply because I was really bored. The high wasn't even that great, I think I mostly liked the rush I got from the fear I had when I had just sniffed the stuff. I knew that solvents were possibly the worst thing to be doing and that I was really playing when fire. Thankfully, it never became much of a problem for me, and I still got really good grades in school. But the fact that I thought I could handle drugs and still do well in life would become a problem for me in later years. When I was 15, I went on a French exchange and all the teenagers there smoked hash. I tried some, but I certainly wasn't blown away by it. When I got home from France I became fascinated with drugs and went out of my way to try new drugs. I live in a small town where there aren't many drugs, so I resorted to over-the-counter painkillers that contained codeine. When all of my friends started going to pubs and nightclubs, they drank, but I, knowing that I wouldn't be able to hide the smell of drink from my mother, took codeine instead. I often had blackouts, sometimes I took it during the day and I took up to 14 pills in one night. To intensify the effects, I began snorting it, but I eventually got bored of that too. At 16, I was buying head shop stimulants like SnowBlow and Gogaine, which I snorted on nights out with my friends. Each time I got way too intoxicated, embarrassed myself in front of everyone, went off with random guys and said insulting and racist things to people I didn't even know. The bouncers wouldn't let me into the nightclub anymore because I was so high all the time. I also messed up the cartilage in my nose, which hasn't healed yet. A year later, I was sexually assaulted by a relative, and I didn't tell anyone because I was so ashamed. By this point I was already seeing a counsellor, but I couldn't speak to her about the drugs or the assault because I knew she would tell my parents. I started sniffing aerosols again, by myself. One day, I sniffed an aerosol and my heart started beating so fast and so loudly I thought I was going to die. I promised myself that I'd never do it again. But I did it again, and eventually it became an everyday habit. Obsessed with drugs, I read a book about the life of a heroin addict and I swore I would never take heroin. But at night, I started dreaming about heroin, and I even felt a sort of euphoria in my sleep. I became curious about heroin. I did a bit of research and figured that I wouldn't get addicted from trying it once. So I got the train to the city and walked to an area where I knew I could score heroin. I bought my first bag, brought it home and snorted it and was a bit disappointed with the effects. The second time I tried it, I liked it a little more. I decided I would be an occasional user, using every few months but never getting addicted. I'm in my final year in school now and as I was working very hard, I decided to reward myself with a bit of heroin for the Christmas holidays. I wanted to smoke a whole bag in one day, but I had to sample a tiny bit of it first. I tried some more the next day, and I liked it a lot more. Eventually I was smoking twice or three times a day, once to get rid of my withdrawals in the morning, just before I went to bed and sometimes in school. Now it's been four weeks since I opened that bag and I'm going through withdrawals; nausea, diarrhea, headaches, mood swings. Because I don't have drugs, I don't socialise anymore. I stay at home by myself when all my friends are out. I can't stop thinking about heroin. I'm more depressed now than I ever was. Legal, illegal or prescription... Drugs always get you if you don't stop using them.

Tags: heroin legal highs Addiction
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