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Don't trust anyone when it comes to drugs!

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23rd Oct 2011

Me and my mate were hanging around with an older lad in an abandoned house he gave us these pills im not even completely sure what they were but i think they were ecstasy pills. I didnt want to take it but i didnt want him thinking i was boring. It was fine at first i liked it everyone was happy but then my mate started acting weird she was rolling around and having a fit and could tell she was struggling to breath properly. My heart was beating really fast i was so scared i got my phone out my pocket and tried to ring an ambulance but the lad snatched my phone out my hand he said he didnt want me getting him in trouble. was he stupid he could see she needed medical help i wasnt just going to leave her so i helped her up and tried to make a run for it, it was hard the lad kept pulling at my hair and clothes i was screaming so loud that he finally let go i made it out on to the road where i got help for my friend.

Dont feel pressured into drugs its not cool and you never know exactly what your taking. My mate is lucky to be alive.

Tags: experiences SIDE EFFECTS
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