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Cocaine destroyed my family

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11th Apr 2012

For those of you who are cocaine addicts/users that think cocaine does not hurt anyone but yourself, you are wrong. I watched my brother loose everything he had to cocaine. He lost his house, job, wife, and I am now raising his child. As for myself, My husband is addicted to Cocaine and he refuses to admit that he has a problem. I have tried everything I can possibly think of to get him help and he refuses it everytime. He has become a very violante person and is never home at night to protect his family like he should. He has now lost his family. I filed for my divorce and he will soon be loosing his house and children as well. Cocaine is not fun and costs you more then money. It is NOT worth it!!!!!! Please stop to realize what you are not only doing to yourself but what you are doing to the ones who truley love you.

Tags: Cocaine experiences worried about someone Advice
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