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Cannabis: gateway

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01st Nov 2011

one night i was out with a few mates and a spliff was passed around, i decided 'why not' and loved it, i soon wanted more and came to a point where i was counting my money to get all i could, i then took to wanting a stronger high and moved to mdma (ecstasy), it wasnt long before my life was taken over, my friends deserted me, i dropped out of college, and before i knew it i was injecting everything under the sun, my life has been ruined and im sure none would ever have happened if it wasnt for that spliff. a lot of people say i have no self controll at first with mdma it was true i only wanted the high and diddnt think of the future... but now im bouncing between clinics and have no future..

Just say no.

Tags: cannabis MDMA
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