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butane gas takes lives

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18th Feb 2012

at the age of 12 i was smoking cannabis, but it became expensive and the high wasnt enough for me anymore so at 13 i started doing butane gas (along with various other drugs) by pushing the entry to the can in between my teeth to release the gas, i was doing it many times a week and stopped a few months ago when a friend of a close friend died of it, i now get 'breaks from reality',depression, and the sensation of stinging nettles being rubbed up and down my body, its not worth it and it takes lives. I justified this to myself because my mother is a class A drug addict and if she does it then so should I, but i think that should be a reason for me not to do rather than to do it, im now focusing on my education and plan to go to university and leave drugs behind.

Tags: legal highs Advice
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