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27th Jan 2014

This depends on which drug you are talking about, how much has been taken, how often it has been taken and what method is being used to test for the drug.

The list below shows the number of days a urine drug test will continue to show positive after you have taken a drug. These times can differ depending on what testing kit is used, so this list is only a very general guide. For example, most tests for ecstasy will normally report positive for at least one day after the ecstasy was taken, but some tests will also report positive for up to 4 days after use.

Further laboratory testing may be needed to exactly identify which drug has been taken. For example, further testing may be needed to confirm whether a positive result for opiates was due to heroin use or an over-the-counter headache medicine.

Amphetamine 1-5 days

Cannabis 2-3 days for one-off use (up to 2 months for chronic users)

Cocaine 12 hours – 3 days

Crystal Meth 1 - 4 days

• Diazepam 1 - 3 days (or up to 6 weeks if the diazepam has been used over a long period of time)

Ecstasy 1 - 4 days

GHB up to 24 hours

Heroin 2 - 5 days

Ketamine 2 - 4 days

LSD 1 - 3 days

Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybin) up to 8 hours

Methadone 2 – 5 days

Steroids 14 days (oral) - 1 month (injected)

• Temazepam 1 - 2 days (longer if the temazepam has been injected)

Tramadol  2 – 6 days

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